"Heya! Front Camera on Rlg Smart Phone"

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The front camera is one of the basic features of the Rlg smartphone. It is mainly used by most of our customers to take just “selfies” but there are other exciting functions which it can be used for and made possible by the power of the internet.

This article will open a new door for you to a more splendid technological life as we explore the use of “Meerkat” and “Periscope.”

If you have not heard of Meerkat and Periscope, it shows that you are out of date but that don’t worry as that is about to change.

In the past few months, the coverage of these two live video applications almost hit all major media headlines. Meerkat gained more than 300,000 users a month after it was launched.

How to use Meerkat?

meerkatMeerkat is a live video community. The user must log in with Twitter accounts firstly, because the product itself does not provide account registration. After successful login, the main interface is quite simple, an input box with two buttons.

If you want to start live right now, click on the right button Stream. If not now, write your theme of live event in the input box, and then click on the Schedule button on the left, presetting time to start your live. So your friends will be notified when your live is about to begin.









Network Media Mashable interview "Game of Thrones" actors with meerkat.

Enter live interface, the upper left corner of the screen will show the number of viewers, while the lower left corner continuous scrolling displays the interactive information such as viewer’s comment, the peple who “LIKE” it as well as those who rebroadcasted it.

Mobile live video attracts attention from Twitter. In April, Twitter spent one hundred million dollars on the acquisition of Periscope—an application that almost is the same as Meerkat. Periscope has become one of the most popular mobile phone app. Even British Princess Kate communicated with people after giving birth to the baby.

Recommended Rlg smart phone

So you see how popular mobile live video is now? It has changed the way people communicate and the best Rlg Smartphone that would facilitate this kind is the Rlg Uhuru Series.

Uhuru Pro

The Uhuru Pro is highly recommended because its 2M front-facing camera provides smooth and clear video broadcasting, and you can buy it on Jumia, souq, Rlg official website or any Rlg showroom near you – whether in Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Dubai, China and Kenya.

Our Uhuru Titan with 5M front-facing camera is also coming soon. You will find the latest information on our Facebook.

Just search Rlg and “LIKE” the page. The Rlg Uhuru Series is ready for your communication and entertainment.

RLG, Proudly Yours!

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