The power saving mode on Rlg smart phone

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Bigger, lighter and slimmer--it seems to have been a trend in mobile phones.Rlg also features ultra-thin design in mobile phone products. The latest high-end smart phone Uhuru Accu, will soon be unveiled unto the market.

But to realize slim and light, the battery is subjected to size limit. So Rlg provides practical ways to realize slim mobile phone as well as extended battery time.

On Uhuru Accu, Rlg adopted the advanced intelligent power saving technology, which can be used to monitor and extend battery time.

For other Rlg smart-phones, we provide our consumers with a preloaded application called Clean Master. Open Clean Master and find “Save Battery” function. Then your “battery doctor” can extend the standby time of your phone.

Rlg users have found the benefits of the smart phone’s intelligent power saving mode, accurate power remaining forecasting, and professional charging capabilities.

With this, the Rlg user can really save power and significantly extend battery life up to double life using this app. This preloaded app does much more than just monitor Rlg phone battery. Battery Doctor has a unique 3-stage charging system that regulates electric flow to ensure that your Rlg phone charges quickly and fully.

In case there is mobile power shortage or electricity shortage, power saving mode helps you not to miss your important calls. Isn’t that cool and practical? Rlg, always provides best products and advanced service so get one today.

 RLG, Proudly Yours!

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