Your Phone Battery Drains Fast? Read This!

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Does Your Phone Battery Drains Fast?


Struggling to stay connected, because your phone battery drains out too fast? Check out the possible solutions:

1.      Disable Bluetooth.

Minimize your battery drain by switching Bluetooth when you don’t use it.

2.      Turn off live or animated wallpapers.

3.      Turn off GPS.

Go to Settings>Locations and change your locations mode to Battery Saving.



4.      Switch off WiFi, when you don’t have one around.

Even if you are in the area without WiFi, your device is constantly searching for WiFi network, which consumes your battery power.

5.      Make sure all your apps up to date.

Updated versions of applications have bugs fixes, which more likely to affect the battery drainage speed as well. That’s why it’s advised to update your apps in timely manner. And it’s easy to do by allowing automatic updates for applications you use on your phone.

6.      Uninstall unused apps.

Even if you are not using an application, it could be running in the background and consuming your battery power. So, don’t hesitate-uninstall it.

7.      Lower your screen brightness.

Screen brightness is one of the top reasons for battery to run down faster. Go to Settings>Display>Sleep, and choose the lowest possible for you time.

8.      Turn off vibrate mode.

9.      Use fewer widgets.

The widgets are surely great feature, but choose wisely which ones to keep in order to extend your battery life.

10.  Control your syncing.

If you don’t need to know all latest updates from your social media accounts in real time or check your email on frequent basis, make an adjustments in applications’ settings.

11.  Always carry Rlg Smart Charger with you!

In case you were too late to use the 10 tips above, Rlg Smart Charger is ultimate solution for unexpected battery lost!



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