At Rlg, we believe in giving talented, insightful and ambitions young people the opportunity to work with us, to learn and contribute in diverse ways to the company. We measure contribution and progress of each individual and give the opportunity of permanent employment to those who excel.




At the crux of Rlg lies the technical and core aspect of the company. Under our technical hire system, we consider trained and experienced individuals whose knack for perfection and focus on details, bring out the best Rlg products on the shelf today. Within this system we look for candidates to fill positions in our assembly plants and training institutes, ranging from managerial and supervisory roles to hands-on product assembly and support.



Our corporate hire system is powered by our brand values and personality. We look for talented individuals who can channel their efforts towards the growth of who we are; innovative, reliable, strong, vibrant and lively. Our Corporate Hire section seeks to employ professionals to assume roles in the business activities of Rlg, encompassing the uniqueness of our organizational structure, operational strategies and result-oriented activities



Rlg Ghana is an equal opportunity employer with functional systems in place to insure that we have a competent team working in a conducive environment for the best operational results. We look for candidates with a forward thinking attitude and a hands-on approach to work. We hire the best-qualified candidates to fill Corporate positions and Technical positions as well as exceptional young men and women for our Graduate/Internship program. Anyone up to the task can join our team in any of our offices nationwide.


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